Camp Yale, Day 2

Paul Heiple of Acterra talking to our campers (top) and the campers climbing the creek bank on their own (above).

We started our day by walking to the San Francisquito Creek bed close to our house, which is totally dry this time of year. Paul Heiple of Acterra led a lively discussion of the creek. He taught us things like where the creek water comes from, what affects the erosion of the creek bank, what happens when the creek floods, what kinds of rocks we find there, and what kinds of plants we find there.

After Paul’s talk, the kids foraged and climbed the banks a bit, then they collected rocks for painting, and we went back to my yard (Camp Yale headquarters). There, some kids painted rocks, while others played in our back yard or built a Slotwood house in the front.

It was a fun day that flowed very well. The kids who didn’t know any others at the camp yesterday, when we started, got much more comfortable today. Three hours passed very quickly. The kids could really get used to this (in a good way…). Perhaps we could switch off between multiple parents and do this for most of the summer. Hmmm…

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