Vital Signs Stagnant

 Last week, the Oakville Community Foundation released it’s 2009 version of Vital Signs, a study that measures a number of important issues facing our community. It looks at things like health, culture, the environment, safety, learning and housing issues. The first significant results of the study were released last year and showed a few disturbing things that are important to young people in our town. If we consider those results as the baseline, then this year’s updates should provide us with an understanding of the trends and let us know where we need to focus our attention. Sadly, in my opinion, we’re not improving. And in fact, the OCF has chosen not to even highlight these imporant areas. I talked about them in this article. I hope as we move forward, things will improvem, not only in terms of the statistics, but also in what community leaders consider important. Remaining stagnant is not an option where our children are concerned. Read the entire report here.

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