Trick-or-Treater Index? What’s Yours?

Lots of trick-or-treaters on Halloween is an indicator that your neighborhood is good for kids.  Photo credit: Flickr user 'jena ardell'

[Note: This article was originally published in October 2008.]

In order to rate the child friendliness of a neighborhood, Richard Florida, author of Who’s Your City? and The Rise of the Creative Class, has coined an intriguing concept: the “Trick-or-Treater Index.”

The idea is simple: just count the number of trick-or-treaters at your door on Halloween night and you’ll get a measure of how child friendly your neighborhood is the whole year. Certainly, it’s quite simplistic, but I would agree that neighborhoods with lots of trick-or-treaters tend to have lots of children who are comfortable being outside in their neighborhood.

What’s your trick-or-treater index? Where do you live? What do you think of this as a measure of the child friendliness?

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