Missed Opportunities

 The interesting thing about having a blog is that you need to spend time writing on a regualar basis in order to be relevant. The problem I have is that the reason I do this is to encourage people to spend more time with their kids, playing outside, connecting with their neighbours and generally having fun. Over the last while, I’ve been following my own advice and have been spending a little time on the former and a lot of time on the latter. Which has been great for me, and I trust, good for my kids. The problem, however, is that I’ve missed out on some great opportunities to write some great stories. Sorry about that. Or not… depending on how you look at it.Anyway, the point about missing opportunities came to mind this morning as I was dropping my kids off at school and day care. I noticed a “for sale” sign in front of a home on Appalachain Drive. Actually, the sign said “sold”. One of the things I want to do with this site is offer people the opportunity to share stories about great places to live. When you find a genuine Playbourhood, it’s something to shout about, and Appalachain is one of those places. Located near Bronte and West Oak Trails in the north west end of Oavkille, the street runs between a park and the award-winning Captain R. Wilson Public School on one end and a seniors residence with a YMCA day care on the other. Just a block away is a corner store and a few other convenient shops and like most streets in the area, it is a short walk to the many nature trails that wind throught the area.

Although in real estate, they say that location, location, location is the key, I believe that there’s something even more special to consider. I walk, ride or drive down Appalachain almost every day, and I seldom do so without having to slow down and weave through the many kids playing on the street. Street hockey, skateboards, baseball, basketball, sidewalk chalk drawing, bike riding… you name it the kids in this neighbourhood are doing it almost every day. And what’s really encouraging is that there’s as many grown ups out there too, playing along or just standing around chatting with each other as the kids play around them. It’s a truly wonderful thing to see.

A house for sale in such a neighbourhood is an even more wonderful thing to see if you’re in the market and have a young family. I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to tell you about it sooner. I’ll try to be more observant and maybe with your help we can tell more of these stories in the future. Do you know about a great Playbourhood? Tell us about it. Better yet, tell us when there’s a house for sale there! What better neighbour can you have than somebody who wants LIVE and play in their neighbourhood.

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