A Play Day & Parent Seminar in Menlo Park!

226 Yale Rd., Menlo Park, CA
Sunday, September 27
RSVP to Mike Lanza for the Play Day and/or Parent Seminar

Play Day

3pm – 5:30pm

Bring your kids to play with us in our Playborhood! See how we’ve transformed our front and back yards into venues for everyday play. Fun activities include the following:

  1. draw on front yard white board
  2. play with vintage (circa late 1960s) hot wheels track and cars
  3. build huge structures with Slotwood, which is like life-sized Lincoln Logs
  4. play in sandbox
  5. play in fountain (also see this video)
  6. play street hockey
  7. do the following with our huge playhouse:
  8. play chase games with our big beach balls in the back yard (see this and this)
  9. swing on the swing set (see this and this and this)

Parent Seminar

Making Your Neighborhood Into a Playborhood
4pm – 5pm

Playborhood.com’s Mike Lanza will share his secrets with parents on how to make your neighborhood into a Playborhood. He will show you how to:

  1. Move to a play-friendly block
  2. Make a Place that draws kids to play outside every day
  3. Embrace digital technologies that get kids socializing and playing outside
  4. Show Up in your neighborhood to help make it a safe, nurturing, and fun place for your kids
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