Life-Size Mazes

This is an 'Arrow Maze,' one of the many maze designs we plan to install in our driveway.  photo credit:

Mazes are certainly fun and educational, but what do they have to do with neighborhood play? Well, it depends on how big they are.

I’ve found a way to install life-size mazes on my driveway, thanks to the ingenuity of worldwide maze expert Adrian Fisher. Fisher has designed dozens of mazes around the world using hedges, mirrors, paving, corn fields, and standing panels. He’s also published many great books on the subject, including my favorite, The Amazing Book of Mazes, which has many more designs than you’ll find on the web.Fisher’s designs with tile have really captured my imagination. Think of it – using durable garage floor tile (like these, but smaller sizes), you and your children can quickly build life-size mazes on your driveway or sidewalk and captivate neighbor kids and adults for weeks. People can come by and solve them by walking through them.

All you need to get started is license maze designs from Fisher and buy tiles from his supplier. I’m consulting with Fisher and his wife Marie now to license multiple maze designs and buy enough tiles to build them all.

The mazes are either 8 feet by 8 feet or 17 feet by 17 feet. I plan to have a 17 x 17 design in my driveway. Mazes can have different rules, and can vary in difficulty to very easy to very complex.

I should have the first maze built on my driveway within a month. Stay tuned!

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