Nice New House on My Block is for Sale

A nice new house is for sale on my block. It’s at 324 Yale Road in Menlo Park, which is eight houses away from mine. Recall that I spent 2-1/2 years looking for this house and chose it because it had great Playborhood potential for children in the preschool years. Later, I wrote about how calm the streets are here and how great Halloween is here (i.e. we have a high “Trick-or-Treater Index). Last, but not least, recall that I’m building an outdoor family room in my front yard, so by spring there should be a very cool neighborhood hangout a few houses away.

I must admit that there are more kids right around my house than at this new house, but right next door, there are two great preschool boys. At any rate, the kid population on the block is quite good.

So, what do I think of the house? It’s new, and I personally love new houses. It has a great basement plus two floors, so the layout is fairly vertical. It’s a nice house, but frankly I believe that the $3.5 million they’re asking for is too much. That’s what mine was offered at originally, but I waited out the owners and pounced when they dropped the price to $3 million. My guess is that this one will drop to the same level.

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