“Lincoln Logs” AND “Life Size”

Here are my boys Marco and Nico with a Slotwood fort + tunnel.

A couple of months ago, I searched the the terms “Lincoln Logs” and “Life Size” together on Google, and the third hit took me to the Slotwood web site. I was looking for some building kit that my sons could use to build a fort they could inhabit themselves.

I bought a Slotwood kit and I couldn’t be happier. Now that my older son Marco and I are good at assembling the Slotwood boards, we can build up or tear down any sort of fort + tunnel design in about fifteen minutes. Each board has slots at both ends on top and bottom the width of the boards’ depth, so they all interlock each other at a 90 degree angle. Except for the weight of the larger boards (a few pounds each), they’re extremely easy to handle.
Marco is learning about how to plan a design, how to build it up with boards, and how to keep the boards organized when we disassemble something we’ve made. Best of all, he, and his brother have been enjoying building things and hanging out in them quite a bit, and many of his friends who’ve come over have, too. It’s been raining and cold lately, so we haven’t left any of our designs outside, but we will when spring comes.

If you call the number on the web site, you’ll be talking to Dick Clark in Tennessee. Tell him I recommended Slotwood! No, he’s not the Dick Clark from American Bandstand. His family’s been making Slotwood for decades. He builds to order, and if you live a long way from Tennessee like I do, shipping might take a little while and be expensive. However, I’m very, very satisfied with this purchase.

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