Why Didn’t I think of that?

Downtown Toronto park boasts an active play group for anyone to drop by A Club for Active Kids. Outdoors! Clearly the kind of thing that we’ve been promoting here at Playbourhood is not an isolated concern. The folks over at Active Kids Club have taken up the challenge and are putting the concept into action. Here’s a quote from their web site expressing the importance of playing outdoors starting at a young age: “Increasing your child’s exposure at an early age to outdoor play doesn’t just benefit their physical development. It enriches all aspect of early childhood development, mind and body. By exposing your child to both structured activities and unstructured play not only are you are building the foundation for a healthy active lifestyle that the child will embrace life, you are supporting their mental and emotional health as well.The idea of unstructured “play clubs” is not groundbreaking, but it is new in our part of the world. In San Francisco, there’s a well established outdoor play club that was reported on here. A similar approach is being organized by folks at Active Kids Club in Oriole Park, near the Davisville subway station. The group will meet regularly at the same place at the same time. That way, anyone who is interested can join in the fun. It’s informal and a great way to meet neighbours, make new friends and help create a Playbourhood.

 Of course, Toronto (and Oakville) does not have the luxury of having year-round warm weather. That’s why the folks at Active Kids Club area also embracing the notion of enjoying the outdoors – whatever the weather. The site has tips and suggestions for making the most out of the seasons. There’s games and activity descriptions. And even advice on how to dress yourself and your kids appropriately for the weather.

The whole project is wonderful and I hope it catches on.

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