Playground Review – Glanashton Park

Large but Lonely... Glanashton is a bit isolated. When we first arrived at Glenashton Park, I was struck by the quiet silence. Despite being located next door to the busy Iroquois Ridge Community Centre, there wasn’t a soul on the playground. That’s a shame, because it’s a great park. Lots to do for all ages with both low and high slides, tons of swings, and a variety of things to climb including two low rock walls. The only drawbacks are the pea-stone play surface and the liberal use of metal used for construction. The problem is that the park is far in off the road and in the middle of a large green space. Homes area a bit of a walk away, so the only easy access is really through a trip to the community centre. Most people going to the community centre, however are on their way to an organized activity (swimming, the gym, etc.) And while you’d think that when little Bobby is in the pool, his baby sister could go play in the park, it’s just a little too far away to make it convenient. I guess the problem is that there are too many distractions to make the park work. Why it is that the Park isn’t the distraction for kids to begin with, is a shame. And part of the story behind this web site. Our kids should be using our playground more, not the community centre. I encourage you all to try out Glenashton Park. It’s a lot of fun – as long as you aren’t distracted!

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