Playground Review – Nottinghill Park

Little Playground.... Long Walk!
Nottinghill Park can be found adjacent to the soccer pitches and ball diamond at the corner of Pilgrim’s Way and Nottinghill Gate. It’s in the Glen Abbey area of North Oakville. An older playground, it is small and intimate and well sheltered among the trees, which is great for those hot summer days. The problem, however, is that it’s tucked away at the north end of the park and hard to access. The access issue is really a big problem for this playground. The park itself is linked into the walking and nature trail system, but to get to them you need to cross over the soccer fields or across a busy street. That busy street, too, is very close to the park and the trees and shrubs could make it difficult to see young children running out into traffic. There are few direct access points anywhere near the side streets (where people with children live) and if you’re planning to visit by car, it’s a long walk from the very small parking area at the south end of the park. On the weekends, with all the soccer and baseball games going on, it’s impossible to find a parking spot. On the other hand, because of it’s isolation, it isn’t a very crowded place to hang out with the kids.

The attractions are solid and safe, but designed for the older crowd. My 2 year old had fun, but I could not let her wander around by herself. The whole area is surfaced in small stone. There are 2 big swings and 2 small ones. Although the jungle gym is high and meant for the older kids, there are interesting things at ground level for the smaller kids. The coolest feature is the spinning monkey bars which are both a challenge and a load of fun.

Despite it’s drawbacks, Nottinghill Playground is a nice little park – especially if you want a quiet experience with the kids.

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