Neighborhood Reviews

See those house icons on the map above? Each one represents a home for sale in the Palo Alto / Menlo Park area. By clicking on one, you get a popup that gives you the address plus three links to:

  • details about the home
  • a form to submit a review of the neighborhood around the home
  • Neighborhood Reviews, if any have been submitted

Also, note that the “Neighborhood Reviews” located below the map lists all homes for sale in text.

Since we recently launched this feature, we need reviews! Once we have many reviews, this site will become a valuable resource for families seeking homes in Playborhoods.

So, why would you submit a Neighborhood Review? Well, you may live close to the home for sale, and you may want another family with kids your kids’ ages to move in there. Or, you may be house hunting and you may want to help out other house hunters. Or, you may be a real estate agent or other person knowledgeable about neighborhoods, and you would like to help families who are seeking a Playborhood.

Whatever your reason, we could really use your help!

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