Skip the books – it’s time to play!

Will this madness FINALLY end?Less homework means more time to play. And that’s a good thing. Seriously. A recent policy proposal before Toronto’s public school board suggests that reducing the burden of homework will provide more flexibility for quality learning and help restore a balance to home life. Read more here. The policy initiative is a groundbreaking suggestion that isn’t just supported by students; it’s being applauded by parents, too. Studies show that the quality of homework assignments, rather than the quantity is essential to learning. They also show that playtime and family time are as important to healthy development as academic achievement. The policy suggests that “students in kindergarten should have no homework other than reading with or talking to their parents. And up to Grade 2, homework should consist mostly of playing games, having discussions or even cooking with family members.” Now that’s a policy that makes sense! Maybe with a little more free time, we’ll see more kids outside playing on the street in our Playbourhoods! And that’s a good thing. Seriously.

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