Bronte Creek – New Phase on Sale

Monarch's materials promote the development's green spaces.A new phase of the successful Bronte Creek development opened for new sales recently, so I decided to go take a look. Part of the reason this area is so popular is the result of the golden rule of real estate: location, location, location. Situated right next door to the Bronte Creek Provincial Park, some lots border directly onto the Park’s border.According to Monarch Group, the developer, the area has access to hiking, fishing, swimming, biking, wildlife, picnicking, skating, tobogganing, and cross-country skiing. And in their promotional materials, images of nature are prominent. There will be a variety of home styles and lot sizes ranging from about $400,000 and going up to over $700,000. When it’s complete the development will be home to about 1,600 new families.

With the Provincial Park in the back yard, this development has a very green appeal.It all sounds lovely and just the kind of place that appeals to folks raising a family. But that’s all on the surface. The developer also touts the apparently attractive selling feature that “many of the homes will grace private crescents and cul-de-sacs”. We all know that real Playbourhoods are places that encourage active interaction between residents, not just with the nearby amenities. And although many homes will back onto the Provincial Park, residents will only really be able to enjoy the view, they don’t have access to all that nature. In other words, this feature only creates another dimension of privacy and isolation from one,s neighbours.

Despite these minor drawbacks, this new phase has great appeal, well-designed homes and a lovely location. It’s a great start. And, like any neighbourhood, it will be up to the people who purchase here to make it into a Playbourhood.

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