Playborhood: Turn Your Neighborhood Into A Place For Play

In Playborhood: Turn Your Neighborhood Into a Place for Play, you’ll find inspiring stories of innovative communities throughout the US and Canada that have successfully created vibrant neighborhood play lives for their children. You’ll also get a comprehensive set of step-by-step solutions to turn around your family and neighborhood cultures, so that your kids can spend less time in front of screens and in adult-supervised activities, and more time engaging in joyful neighborhood play.

Sample Chapter

Chapter 1: A Social Problem

Book: Playborhood - Chapter 1

PDF of book: Playborhood - Chapter 1 Download chapter 1

Table of Contents

What’s the Problem?

Identifying the challenges to free play today

1 A Social Problem
Why the free play problem is a social problem

2 Children and Free Time
What are kids doing instead of free play?

How are Neighborhoods Solving This Problem?

Profiles of neighborhoods that are making free play a priority

Yale Road: Menlo Park, Calif.
3 An Oasis of Play in an Affluent Suburb 25
My own efforts to create a Playborhood for my three young kids

Lyman Place: South Bronx, N.Y.
4 A Safe Refuge for Play in a Poor Urban Neighborhood
How a community activist has resurrected vibrant childhoods for her neighborhood’s kids

Share-It Square: Portland, Ore.
5 An Intersection Where Kids and Adults Play
How neighbors turned a simple intersection into a community hangout

The Waters: Pike Road, Ala.
6 A New Urbanism Community with a Focus on Family
How the New Urbanism movement is solving the free play problem

The Playscape Revolution: Iowa City, Iowa
7 A Natural Playscape in Every Yard
How a landscape architect is making his innovative yard a model for transforming neighborhoods everywhere

N Street: Davis, Calif.
8 A Retrofit Cohousing Community
How tearing away fences created a “cohousing community” that is more like an extended family

Dibble Avenue: Seattle
9 Frank the Builder Builds Community
How a builder used the tools of his trade and a lot of passion to transform his neighborhood

Iris Way: Palo Alto, Calif.
10 A Neighborhood Summer Camp
How two mothers created a camp for kids on their block to bond, close to home

How Can I Solve This Problem?

Practical ways to get involved and foster free play in your neighborhood—starting now.

11 Move to a Potential Playborhood
How you can find a new home in a neighborhood with potential for everyday play

12 Create a Neighborhood Hangout
Simple steps to make your yard a magnet for free play

13 Keep Kids’ Lives Simple
Parenting practices to encourage free play in young children

14 Make a Village
How both adults and kids make a Playborhood function

15 Encourage Self-Reliance
Connecting the dots from free play to life skills

16 Let Them Roam with Mobile Phones
How technology can foster increased freedom and exploration in older children

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