Vacations Versus Everyday Home Life

Do your kids absolutely crave vacations away from home? Are they sad to come home?

If that’s true, there are two possible explanations. One is that you plan absolutely off-the-charts, world-class vacations. The other is that your kids’ home life is drab and boring.

For your sake, let’s hope it’s the former.

Our family just took a vacation to Hawaii for spring break, and although we had some amazing moments, at other moments, our kids said they wanted to go home.

That’s fine with me. You see, I put a lot of time and energy into making my kids’ everyday lives fun. Our yard is a neighborhood hangout, so that kids play there every day, weather permitting. They laugh and yell and experience real joy there practically every day.

Whether my kids have fun in their everyday lives at home is far more important to me than whether they have fun on vacation. Why? It’s simple math. They spend wayyyy more time at home than they do on vacation. They spend three or four or five or six weeks a year on vacation. The rest of the time, they’re at home.

I think that everyone’s everyday lives, those of adults included, should be interesting and fun. If your job isn’t fun, if your everyday commute routine is dragging you down, you should take some action to change these. It’s horrible to endure a drab and boring life for any length of time.

In childhood, we develop expectations for our lives. I want my kids to grow up thinking that enjoying every day is “normal,” so if they find themselves falling into a boring job situation as an adult, they’ll feel compelled to change it quickly.

So, I’m very focused on my kids’ happiness, every day. I want them to expect every day to be fun and interesting. Fun vacations are nice, too, but I prefer to think of them as icing on the cake. If my kids think they need a vacation, that means we’re failing to make their everyday lives fun enough.

What do you think?

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