Great Gift! A Custom Neighborhood Play Mat

Here's a great platform for imaginary play about your neighborhood when it's too cold to play outside.

What a great gift for Christmas! Kids can play with cars on a map of their own neighborhood, or they can tape things to it, or they can draw on it. Whatever! The website where it’s being sold looks kinda weird, but I’m crossing my fingers (I just bought one). When you check out with PayPal, they ask you to type in your street address, and you get back a map centered there.

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2 Responses to Great Gift! A Custom Neighborhood Play Mat

  1. kathteach says:

    I buy from etsy all the time. Nothing weird about it–in order to sell on etsy everything has to be handcrafted or vintage over 20 years old. You can’t sell something someone else has made. It’s an awesome place!

  2. Carolyn_Graf_FB says:

    etsy is great! so many cool things!