A Neighborhood Christmas Party

photo: Thomas Chang

Santa Claus came to our front yard this past Sunday. So did an elf, Frosty, and Rudolph. A brass ensemble, the Menlo Brass Quintet, came by to play Christmas songs like “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Sleigh Ride,” and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.”

Also, about 60 or so neighbors and friends came. They sang, ate, drank, got their pictures taken with Santa, got their faces painted by the elf, and played. Not all those who came were formally invited, I’m happy to say. Some neighbors heard the music and came over spontaneously. This wouldn’t have happened if we had had this party inside our house or at some public venue like a park or restaurant.photo: Thomas Chang

Rain came, too, but we were prepared. I rented two big tents like the ones that you might see at an outdoor wedding during rainy season.

It was an absolutely wonderful event, especially because we did it at home. I’ve written previously about how great it is to have celebrations at our home rather than at some retail establishment.

photo: Thomas Chang

Because we had this Christmas Party at our house, we were able to share some great moments with our neighbors. One of our Jewish neighbors, Andy, wore the Frosty costume to the delight of many kids, including his own, until he couldn’t take it anymore – the head was hot and he could hardly see. His kids got a photo with Santa for the first time.

photo: Thomas Chang

All the kids were already very familiar with our really fun front and back yards, so they played like crazy all over the place when they weren’t hanging with Santa and the other characters. They jumped on the trampoline in back, drew on the white board in front, and scootered up and down the sidewalk.

In short, beyond being great fun, this was a very memorable, meaningful event for us, our neighborhood, and our friends. I’m thinking now that we should make this a tradition and have a neighborhood Christmas party like this every year.

How about you?

photo: Thomas Chang

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