Camp Yale, Day 3

The kids are making mosaic 'stepping stones.'

For the first half of today, the kids engaged in wild free play once again. They just can’t get enough of that. They have settled on three main centers of play: the Slotwood house in our driveway, the trampoline in our back yard, and the playhouse in our back yard. Also, kids frequently come to the picnic table in the front yard to grab snacks or a cup of water.

Then, my artist friend Jaying Wang helped our kids make mosaics – one big one to put on our fence, and a “stepping stone” for each kid to take home. The big one is a design inspired by the book Roxaboxen depicting the play village that kids have been building in the creek by our house. Below is a photo of the mosaic we made at Camp Yale last year. That one features a quote from another favorite children’s book of mine, The Big Orange Splot.


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One Response to Camp Yale, Day 3

  1. Suzanne_Delzio_FB says:

    This rocks. I did it for my kids for three years. One year I did it for three weeks straight and that was too much. It was a little exhausting at the time, but my kids still remind me of how they loved it. I charged people $100/week and made them bring food for lunch. I called it “Camp Raw Materials: Where your kids won’t learn a ding-dang thing.” Of course they learned a lot, but, like you, I was against structure and totally into having them lead and create the play. I hope this ideas spreads, but it takes energetic parents like you!
    Suzanne in San Diego