Camp Yale, Day 1

[Note: For the second consecutive year, I’m running a neighborhood summer camp at my house on Yale Road in Menlo Park, CA. Below are notes from our first day.]

Fellow Yale Roader and magician Hugh McDonald mesmerized us with his magic tricks, and he taught the kids a few, too. I got a great testimonial from a mom this evening: “My kids had a great time at Camp Yale today. Donny in particular is just raving about it.  He loved Hugh. He is practicing his magic act with the coin to show his dad tonight ( I already saw it!!).”

Before and after Hugh’s show, the 12 attendees, ages 2-1/2 to 8, engaged in some wild free play. They built a Slotwood house, played street hockey, jumped on the trampoline, played a chase game, and played some sort of family-based role-playing game.

Many of the kids knew our yard and each other very well before coming today, so they hit the ground running. A couple of others didn’t know the other kids very well at first, so they started tentatively, but by the end of the day, they were feeling a lot more comfortable.

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