Still Buzzing the Morning After

Yeah, my life’s quite different these days, but it’s still quite good. In fact, I’m feeling so great this morning that I might say it’s never been better.

You see, last afternoon and evening, a couple dozen kids played like crazy at a party at our house. They howled and ran and screamed and laughed. They created games of battle and fort building and house and jump-all-over-the-giant-beach-ball and racing cars. After three hours of play, they just kept running and playing into the twilight. Many – perhaps a third – had their shirts off. They very much looked and acted like child savages, except no one got hurt, physically or emotionally.

As the sun set, their parents finally had to shut them down. Those kids were lost in the moment, totally unaware that daylight was gone and it was time for them to sleep.

Last night, I’m sure they all slept very, very well. I know my three sons did.

Yesterday at our house was what childhood should be, but so rarely is these days. It was pure bliss. It was also discovery and learning and physical mastery, too.

So, I’m still buzzing this morning. Besides witnessing all that bliss, I felt like I had a direct connection to all of it, since I’m the guy who dreamed up the place and activities that helped bring them all that joy (see articles on our front and back yards). I also had my share of fun, too!

I thought these morning after buzzes were only for single folks. Who’d have thought parenthood could be this much fun?

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One Response to Still Buzzing the Morning After

  1. Hoppy says:

    Such a joy to read this experience. Days in the sun and days of play without fear. I am convinced that the sheer joy in a safe OUTDOOR environment has contributed to my great health as I age ( now age 64).

    Parenthood and grand parenthood is AMAZING.