Promote Your Kid Friendly Neighbourhood

Location, location, location!The gang at Playbourhood is taking our mission to the streets! I’ve discovered that one of the best ways to help promote the development of our neighbourhoods into playbourhoods is to promote the idea. While I think I’m fortunate to live on a street where there’s lots of playing and interaction with the neighbours, it still amazes me how when I start talking about the Playbourhood idea, it opens eyes and encourages participation. The more we’re all aware, the more it seems people are willing to work together to help the process along. In that light, I’m thrilled that Mike Lanza has come up with the idea of promoting Playbourhood in a real way. By posting a sign you can announce to the world (and perhaps potential home buyers) that your’s is a great neighbourhood to live in. Check out the signs here.

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