Could “Playborhood” Become a Generic Term?

Kids roll and slide down Playborhood Hill at The Waters in Alabama.
The “Playborhood” name is catching on. For instance, a few months ago a mom in Palo Alto, CA had a neighborhood meeting to try to figure out how to, in her words, “make our neighborhood into a playborhood.”

Now, at The Waters, a great new urbanist development in Alabama that I’ve written a few articles about, they’ve built a new hill for kids to roll and slide down and called it “Playborhood Hill.” Their official map even uses that name to mark that area.

I’m no linguist, but I do believe that the language people use can affect the way they think, so my satisfaction with the spread of the word “playborhood” goes beyond ego gratification. Perhaps if more people hear it, they’ll associate neighborhoods with children’s play. Certainly, those of us who grew up decades ago thought this way.

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One Response to Could “Playborhood” Become a Generic Term?

  1. Mammajenni says:

    The picture of the hill reminds me of a small hill next to one of our local play grounds (a rarity in flat Florida!) We’ll have to try sliding down it on different mediums… besides cardboard, what slides well on grass?