Playing in the Rain

Do you ever discourage your kids from playing in the rain?  If you never do, they'll always love it.  photo credit:

In the last week since the rain started here, my four-year-old son Marco and I have played in the rain twice. First, on a day when the rains were coming down so hard our street formed enormous puddles, Marco and I put on boots and splashed around. I had forgotten how much fun sloshing around in puddles could be.Then yesterday, it looked like it was going to rain before we left home to go ride bikes into downtown Palo Alto, so we put all our rain gear and went out anyway. Sure, we hit some rain, fairly heavy at times, but we had a great time. We even saw a huge rainbow when things cleared up a bit!

Today, we went shopping for rain gear, and we got some great stuff. I can now cover him, head-to-toe, with excellent, comfortable rain gear. He now has no excuses for refusing to play in the rain.

I’m very happy we’ve been doing this. Kids don’t dislike being in the rain unless adults teach them to dislike it. I want Marco to go outside any day, regardless of the weather.

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3 Responses to Playing in the Rain

  1. activekidsclub says:

    Hi Mike,
    I’m happy to hear their are more puddle jumping parents out there! Maybe some day we can have puddle jumping contest like they have in Europe! In Toronto a bunch of parents have met weekly in a local park for three years rain or shine. Our motto is; No bad weather, only bad clothing.

  2. sophia Yen says:

    So, Mike, please share where to buy the great rain gear?


  3. Mike Lanza says:

    I got the gloves, bike helmet cover, and ear warmers (warm, thin headband) at the Palo Alto Bicycle Shop on University Ave. Marco already had a jacket, rain pants, and boots.