Playground Review – Sheridan Valley Park

A natural gathering point for kids all around the neighbourhoodSheridan Valley Park reminds me of a little playground I used to frequent when I was a kid. Nestled deeply among the trees and in the heart of the neighbourhood, this little park is wonderful. Located just south of Upper Middle Road at the intersection of Grand Boulevard and Fleetwood Road, the park boasts direct links to a number of other parks, natural spaces and walking trails in the area – Fleetwood Park, Iroquois Shoreline Woods, Lancaster Woods and Valley Brook Park. Although the playground is small, it’s surrounded by lovely old trees – which will offer a break from the summer heat. The open area isn’t large enough for a ball diamond or soccer field, but it’s perfect for “unorganized” games and activities. The equipment has areas for younger and older kids, but is somewhat limited in features. The swings are old and the surface is made of pebbles. Despite these limitations, my kids loved to play here. What’s truly wonderful about this park is how close it is to the nearby homes. As a kid, I remember jumping the fence in our neighbour’s back yard as a short cut to our own park. This park has that same feel, and I can just imagine the kids in the homes along the fenceline doing the same. Even without that, the park is accessible from an array of access points and links with other parks in the area. This really is a community park where kids can come from all directions to meet and play. Check it out!

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