Klutz Has a Toy Store in College Terrace!

Do you like Klutz toys? I love them! I admit that my infatuation started with the self-deprecating Yiddish name and their adult-oriented toys, but since I’ve become a parent, I’ve come to appreciate them even more.

Well, I’ve recently discovered that Klutz is based in Palo Alto and has a retail store in College Terrace, Palo Alto! It’s on College Avenue, a few storefronts up from JJ&F Market.

Certainly, I also really like other local toy stores like the Palo Alto Sport & Toy World on Waverley in PA, Diddams on Hamilton in PA, and Cheeky Monkey Toys on Santa Cruz Ave. in MP. However, I was thrilled to find the Klutz Store because of its unique focus on Klutz toys.

Klutz toys are distinctive because, like sporting goods, they are low-tech and often encourage physical activity, but unlike sporting goods, they are explicitly designed to spur creative invention. This is a Foxtail, which is essentially a ball with a long streamer.

Throw the Sling Chute's parachute up inside a ball, and it comes out as they drop.

Let’s face it, with all the organized sports activities we have now, kids are not likely to be very creative with soccer balls or hockey sticks or baseball gloves. My 3-1/2 year-old son Marco was just kept out of a toddler soccer class by his “coach” because he didn’t have proper shin guards on. Whatever happened to just letting them play?

For the Cat's Cradle, a simple string loop is packaged with a book that shows some designs that one or two people can make with it and their hands.

Klutz sells inventive toys that have nothing to do with organized sports, and they often sell books with them to get kids and parents started thinking about the possibilities with these toys.

The photos above and to the right show the toys I bought when I visited the Klutz Store for the first time last week. We’re having lots of fun with them!

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