Guerilla Intelligence

What will the agent tell you about this house for sale?Taking a page from the Guerilla House Hunting guidebook, I thought I’d help out anyone looking for a great Playbourhood. While I suggest that you do your own research of the sort Mike Lanza suggested in his Guerilla articles, here’s the low-down on the area immediately around this home that’s for sale on Copperwood Drive. It’s a fantastic place for families. Okay… I may be a bit biased, Copperwood is where I live, but it really is a wonderful child-friendly neighbourhood.
There’s lots of kids nearby ranging in age from a few months old to teenagers. In the nearby homes there are 16 children. Of those, most are of early primary school age. There are a three pre-schoolers, one infant and three high school age teens (one of which will be off to university next year). A little farther down the street, around the corner and on the next street over are more families with children of a variety of ages. On any given day you can see kids playing basketball, riding bikes, running back and forth between homes and doing all sorts of fun things. Parents can often be found in little groups of their own sharing a tale and a beverage while watching the kids play. We know everyone by name and get together for birthdays and barbeques and holiday socials – although admittedly not as often as we once did. We’re within a 5 minute walk are two elementary schools (public and catholic), two playgrounds and a big pond surrounded by walking trails and home to lots of ducks and geese. Add just another five minutes to the walk and you can add three more parks with playgrounds, a couple corner stores, another school (this one Montessori), two day care centres, more walking trails and even a golf course! However, I do recommend you don’t let the kids play there unless they’re using the proper clubs! That’s the valuable kind of intelligence you’re real estate agent won’t tell you.

Do you know of a home for sale in your neighbourhood? Would you like to have a family move in that truly wants to be an active part of your Playbourhood? Well then, you can help make that happen by telling us about it. We’ll happily post neighbourhood information to help people make an informed decision when their shopping for a new home.

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