Guerilla House-hunting Tips

Getting past information roadblocks takes some serious effortOur good friend Mike Lanza has posted a wonderful series of articles about ways to find a home in a great kid-friendly neighbourhood. Here’s how he introduces his Guerilla Hunting Techniques: “My wife and I have made “Neighborhood for Kids” – i.e. a Playborhood – our #1 criterion in searching for a home in Palo Alto and Menlo Park. Think about that for a moment. It makes searching for a house extremely difficult, given the information that the real estate industry provides us. Basically, all that stuff other than price that we see on all the real estate sites and the newspapers is useless to us before we find a house in a neighborhood we like. Architectural style? Whatever. Bedrooms, baths, and square footage? All that may be important, but it’s secondary. None of these things can give our kids a good life like a Playborhood can.”

Mike points out that that traditional real estate information just doesn’t cut it. Agents shy away from telling you anything beyond the “numbers”. And, they probably don’t take the time to learn anything beyond the numbers anyway. So if you want to find a great place for your kids, what do you do? Here’s a few ideas.

1. Start by doing your own research.

2. Research the neighbourhood reputation.

3. Check on the neighbours.

4. Visit the neighbourhood and talk.

When you find that perfect home in the perfect neighbourhood, don’t forget to thank Mike.

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