Playing in the Street Builds Champions

What’s winter in Canada without a few good stories about hockey. And this one has it all – even a Playbourhood twist. When I was a kid, it seemed that everyone played out on the street at sometime or other. Winter or summer, it didn’t matter – although the intensity often picked up in the early autumn as the hockey season approached. These days, though, arenas are operational all year round and kids just don’t hang out in the neighbourhood anymore. And that’s a shame. Kids really need to spend more time outside, in the yard, on the street, playing games. It’s not only healthy, but it helps build social skills and community connections. And now, we have proof that it can also help kids make it to the big leagues! One small street in Oakville is a great example as this recent story in the Oakville Beaver points out. Playing together is not just about building friendships and filling your day. It also helps to build skills on many levels. So, if you want your budding Gretzky to make it to the big leagues, why not let them have a little fun along the way. That’s what they do on Grainer Court.

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