Why Are Neighborhoods So Unfriendly Around Here?

A friend recently asked me why I think neighborhoods are so unfriendly around here. I mean, we know so few of our neighbors, and our kids play outside with neighborhood kids so rarely. Below are my answers:

  1. Demography: We have lots of senior citizens who came in the 50s housing boom.
  2. Proposition 13: The seniors won’t move out of their houses because their taxes are soooo lowwwww.
  3. Fences: High fences really suck, and we have them everywhere.
  4. Super Type-A Parents: They think an hour of kids play in the ‘hood is an hour wasted.
  5. Asian Immigrants: I’m married to an unconventional one from Shanghai, but most of the Asian immigrants who move to PA/MP these days are devoted to hard work, not play – both parents’ work to pay off their huge mortgages and kids’ work to get into great colleges.

What do you think?

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