Lane Woods in Menlo Park: Another Playborhood in the Making?

I’ve written recently about the three new housing developments in South Palo Alto and one in Menlo Park, Morgan Lane, because new housing developments tend to get more families with children than established neighborhoods.

Here's an artist's warm-and-fuzzy rendering for one of the Lane Woods models.

A new 32-home housing development named Lane Woods, which is adjacent to 56-home Morgan Lane, just opened its marketing office last week. The developer is Summerhill Homes, the developer of one of the new developments in South Palo Alto. In the map below, Lane Woods is on Willow Road, closer to Palo Alto, while Morgan Lane is on Linfield Drive.
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Of these two adjacent developments in Menlo, Lane Woods’ homes are more desirable and more expensive. Pricing will be between $1.5 million and $2.5 million, whereas prices at Morgan Lane are less than $1.5 million. The yards are decent-sized for our area and the homes are between 1,750 and 3,000 square feet.

As a potential Playborhood, Lane Woods holds a great deal of promise as do the other developments I’ve written about. Besides being a new development, its road is a private circle that won’t get much traffic. Mos importantly, though, I was quite encouraged when the Sales Manager there, Greg Hannon, told me that about 50% of initial inquirers about the homes are families with toddlers or babies. Imagine if those numbers held when real sales are made…

From my point of view, it also has one advantage over the others: it is the closest walking-distance to a park and a major retail area. Using the Waverley Footbridge, Lane Woods residents will be able to walk to Palo Alto’s wonderful Johnson Park in five minutes, and downtown Palo Alto in ten minutes.

So, my wife and I are on the list for a home there. Would any Playborhood Palo Alto / Menlo Park readers like to join us?

Models open in April, and first move-ins will be in mid- or late-summer.

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