Green Appeal

Oakville's extensive network of natural trails is one of the things that makes the town so attractive.This just in… The Toronto Star reports on the Ontario Municipal Board’s decision to uphold Oakville’s plan “to preserve an extensive network of linked natural heritage corridors as the first priority” in plans for North of Dundas corridor. Read the story here. For those of us who live in North Oakville and for those who will move there when this development takes place, the OMB’s decision is a great thing. When people ask me why I like living in Oakville, my answer always includes a mention of the wonderful system of nature trails. Developed originally as part of a Centennial project, the town has worked hard to maintain and grow the network all across town, linking the natural areas along the rivers and lake with community parks and recreational areas. The really great thing about the system is that any new development in the town must provide access to the network. This ensures that even in brand new residential areas, you can find natural walking trails and honest to goodness nature right in your backyard. The trails link parks where kids play to the sports fields and the school yards.
I can walk the trails from my home in north Oakville all the way to the lakeshore.
And, what I find especially appealing, in the Playbourhood, sense is that when you go walking along the trails you have an opportunity to say hello to your neighbours in their backyards. It’s a perfect way to to build a better community. I’m happy the OMB has supported Oakville’s plans to ensure this important network remains a priority.

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