Stanford Course on Adult Play and Improvisation!

Do you ever try to play with your children, but feel frustrated that you’ve lost at least a bit of your ability to spontaneously “stumble upon” fun new things to do? I think I’m pretty good at playing with kids, but I find that it takes me a few minutes or hours, even, to loosen up and really play with my 3-1/2 year old son, Marco.

This 'drop bouncy balls down the attic stairs' game was my idea.  I'm going to have to dig deeper, though, to keep up with my 3-1/2 year-old son, Marco.

So, I’m really thrilled to be taking a course at Stanford this winter called Adult Play: Improvisation Techniques for a Better Life. It meets Mondays from 7-9PM, starting January 7.Wanna take this course with me? Or, at least, would you like to get as much as you can about the course from my reports on this site? Let me know…

Here’s the description of the course, taken from the Stanford Continuing Studies site:

Play is our earliest and most natural way of learning. When young, we encounter and learn about our world—its physics, language, emotions, biomechanics, and social dynamics—through play. Yet as adults we often lose touch with that ability. This course uses the techniques of improvisational theater to rediscover the pleasures and uses of play that can lead to a fresh perspective, perhaps even a new way of seeing and behaving.

In our improvisational laboratory, we will focus class time primarily on interactive games and exercises. You will learn to enhance your ability to adapt to change, reawaken your imagination, break old patterns, improve your ability to focus on the present moment, and reclaim the heightened learning potential of the “playful mind.” The study of improvisation is a safe way to learn to take risks.

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