Play and Poverty in 1930s and 40s Pittsburgh

My dad, Russell Lanza, grew up in Pittsburgh, PA in the 1930s and 40s. Here are some great stories of very creative play in the midst of poverty during and immediately after the Great Depression.

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3 Responses to Play and Poverty in 1930s and 40s Pittsburgh

  1. Wonderful stories Mike! Reminds me of conversations with my father (same age) growing up in the midwest… but I don’t have any of it on video!

  2. Jim Van Cleef says:

    Hi Mike

    Loved the video about Roseleaf and Orchard Spring. I did know the Morrisons. Keith was a friend of mine. He graduated in 72.. Anyway thanks for the reminder of the old neighborhood

    Jim Van Cleef

  3. susiebell says:

    Hey Mike, I’m married to a Lanza who had family in the Pittsburgh area, including McKees Rocks. Love to know if you could be related. There are a couple of Russell Lanzas in the family tree also. Could one of them be your father Russell?
    If you can e-mail me I can give you more info.

    Carol Lanza