Playborhood Survey: Who Responded

In October 2007, Playborhood ran a survey to find out parents’ attitudes regarding their opinions on their children’s play, and 192 parents responded. In this article, I describe who these respondents were. If you haven’t responded yet but would like to, go here. Your answers won’t affect this analysis, but we will add your answers for future analyses.

Solitication Methods

We did not use any sort of random method for soliciting responses as professional pollsters do. We sent solicitations to complete the survey through the following channels:

  • personal emails from Playborhood staff members to their friends and family members
  • announcements on the following Parent’s Club and Mother’s Club email lists:
    • Palo Alto/Menlo Park (CA) Parents Club
    • Golden Gate Mothers Club (San Francisco, CA)
    • Burlingame (CA) Mothers Club
    • Berkeley (CA) Parents Network

In addition, we encouraged people who received these solicitations to pass them along to others, and we did notice some blog posts that requested that others respond to the survey.

Geographical Distribution

The map above shows the geographical distribution of respondents. The San Francisco Bay Area accounted for about 75% of all respondents, due to the fact that most solicitations were in that area. We would love to re-run the survey again in the near future to get more respondents in other areas, so if you have ideas on how to do that, please {encode=”” title=”email us”}.

Number of Children in Families

All respondents were required to have at least one child born in 1989 or after (18 years old or younger). The number of children per family is as follows:

  • one child: 27
  • two children: 102
  • three children: 27
  • four children: 3
  • no response: 3

Age of Children

The average birthday of children of respondent parents is in late April 2002. Thus, as of the time of this survey, the average age was about 5-1/2. Thus, a large number of parents in the study could not talk a lot about their children’s current neighborhood play habits because their children were still too young.

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