Playborhood Survey IV: School District and Type of Street are Most Important . . . Or Are They?

[NOTE: This is the fourth in a series of four articles on the Playborhood Survey. See Playborhood Survey: Who Responded to read about how we solicited responses and who responded. The survey is now closed. If you’d like, you can respond to the same survey questions, for future analysis, here.]

When asked what are the most important child/neighborhood-related considerations in their decision to choose their current home, Playborhood Survey respondents made school district and type of street their top choices.

Parents were asked to rate each choice from “most important” (1) to 7th most important (7). The results are shown below. The numbers indicate the average ranking across all parents.

  1. school district (2.71)
  2. type of street (e.g. not busy, cul-de-sac, has sidewalks, etc.) (3.01)
  3. friendly ambiance (3.24)
  4. proximity to a park (3.79)
  5. number of children of your child(ren)’s ages in close proximity (4.59)
  6. proximity to a public elementary school (4.66)
  7. presence of children playing in the neighborhood (4.70)

The top choice, “school district,” does not directly help kids play and have fun. The second, “type of street,” is both a parent-centric safety consideration and a kid-centric play consideration, since it’s a heck of a lot easier to play on a cul-de-sac than on a busy street.

In comments, many parents pointed out that the two choices most directly linked to neighborhood play opportunities, “number of children” and “presence of children playing,” were not considerations for them because they had no way of discerning these before buying their houses. The fact that parents indicated that they would be willing to pay big extra $$$ for better play opportunities in another Playborhood Survey question implies that those two choices would rate much higher if they felt they could get that information.

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