First Playborhood Local Site Launched for Palo Alto / Menlo Park (CA)

Last night (November 20, 2007), Playborhood launched its first “Playborhood Local” site for Palo Alto and Menlo Park (CA).

Playborhood Local sites feature a large interactive map in the header.

Playborhood Local sites feature purely local content about kids’ play for inhabitants of the area, or for those considering moving there. Articles will feature things like:

  • reflections of parents on kids’ play issues
  • reflections of high school students on kids’ play issues
  • neighborhood reviews
  • playground reviews
  • reviews of kid play-friendly homes for sale

The large interactive map on the header of Playborhood Local sites shows neighborhood boundaries and “pushpins” for each story on the site, showing the specific place each story discusses.

Please {encode=”” title=”contact us”} if you have any interest in helping run a Playborhood Local site for your community. We have a great deal to get you up and running, so all you’ll need is ideas for articles, contacts with lots of local parents and kids, and a few hours a week.

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