A New Playmate for My Son Marco!

When I was a little kid, I always wanted a little brother to play with. Well, as of today, my 3-year-old son Marco has a little bro named Nico!

My wife (she didn’t like the way she looked in another picture so I chose this one, but she’s doing well…) and I are overjoyed! She was an only child, and felt deprived growing up that she didn’t have a sibling. I had a sister, but she was three years older and very, very different from me, so we didn’t play much.

Nico Lanza, born November 1, 2007, with his daddy.

Why do some siblings play so well together, while others are in their own worlds, and still others have intense rivalries that cause endless fighting?

Is there anything we can do to encourage the classic brother buddy relationship?

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4 Responses to A New Playmate for My Son Marco!

  1. Beth Kanter says:

    I have three siblings and we got along great, but also fought like cats and dogs. I seem to remember reading an article in Time Magazine or maybe Newsweek that sibling rivarilies are good for you. Don’t recall the whole context.

    With that said, having two kids within 18 months apart – one technique that you can do as a parent is let them solve their own battles. My kids like to suck me in the middle, but I usual do something like make an observational neutral statement about what I see and then ask them how they are going to solve it. I don’t resolve it. They need to learn how to do that.

    Best wishes again ..

  2. Sarah Granger says:

    Congratulations! I have no comments on sibling issues because my sister and I were 8.5 years apart and had nothing in common until I was in high school…. we’re just happy that Nico arrived safely. 🙂

  3. Nicole says:


    I wish I knew the magic answer to that. I have heard that siblings who fight get to be close friends, and I’m counting on that 🙂 My sister and I were 16 months apart and very different – we get along but given th e option would play with our friends over each other.

    My kids are 14 months apart and play together quite a bit, and also fight a lot. Once just entered kindergarten and I do see a difference now, but I think once the younger one gets out of the “grabby, stubborn, loud” phase they will play even better together.

    Regarding letting them work things out themselves, it can be hard but I hear that over and over, it’s the way to go (unless severe bodily harm is being inflicted 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Van Cleef Lauber says:

    I saw your sister and lots of the kids from our neighborhood last night at our highschool class reunion. Congratulations on the birth of your second child.! Couldn’t agree with you more…Rose Leaf was a special place to grow up!